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15 December 2015

I’ve Been Trumpified!

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Please check out my brand new video of me reading Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal while listening to my original song I wrote called Trumpified.
Here is the link:

Scott Isbell Donald Trump Trumpified

Here is me: a blonde-haired, blue-eyed college student reading Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal”. I am here to say that I have been Trumpified. That’s right. Trumpified. For those of you who don’t know, My name is Scott Isbell and I am a college student at Emerson College and I just happen to be a Pop/Funk artist currently signed to Wu-Tang Management aka Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuttin to.. well, you know the rest… Anyways, I wrote this song “Trumpified” to show my support for Donald J. Trump. Trump’s driven and sophisticated persona is to be commended and recognized as one of true genius.

I have toured the country with and opened for artists including: Wu-Tang Clan, Ne-Yo, Raekwon, Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Busta Rhymes, Inspectah Deck, Junior Reid, Spliff Star, Sean Price, and others. I also had the fortune of performing at SXSW last year in Austin Texas.

I am neither a Republican nor Democrat, per say, as I agree with certain parts of what the Republicans say and certain parts of what the Democrats say. Honestly, I am sick and tired of this Republican-Democrat crap. We are Americans. Never in my young life (nor the lives of most in this country) have we seen our country at such a divide and in such a crisis of a situation. We are in over $19 trillion in debt and that number keeps climbing and will continue to climb until we have smart and driven leaders into office. Yeah, President Obama has done a lackluster job as President, but President George W. Bush didn’t leave Mr. Obama with much to do. That is, President Obama walked into an all-ready messed up and, downright, out of control situation. Truth be told, we certainly do not want or need another Bush in office. That is one point both liberals and conservatives alike can and do agree on.

Anyways, I feel that some people misunderstand Mr. Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again”. That is, “Make America Great Again” doesn’t mean we, as the United States of America, think we are any better of human beings than those of other countries. In actuality, the slogan means that we need to get back to being the America we used to be. We need to get back to having pride in ourselves (and our country) and we need to get Americans back to work. We need to keep our country safe from the select individuals around the world (including in America, herself) who threaten our freedom and daily safety.

I do not believe that our two party system works well any longer. We need a party for those of us who are the silent majority. I honestly don’t care what party the President is from as long as I have faith that he or she or other can make our country shine and thrive once again. I know for a fact that we will one day have a female president as well as a gay president, transgender president, and a president with genome backgrounds spanning the entire globe. In this time and place, Donald Trump is the only option to turn our country around.

We must get rid of these politicians who are nothing but fake and deceitful. We must no longer give power to individuals who do so for the loyalty to one’s party NOT the loyalty and love of one’s country. That is, the United States of America. The two-sided, black and white lies and broken promises must stop.

Thanks for watching everybody! Please comment below and give me a two thumbs up if you could and, lastly, please share this video with your friends and family!

The instrumental was graciously produced and provided by Grizzley Beatz. Thanks to my close friend Zach Tretter (AKA Word Pup) for his continued incredible work at video producing and editing and overall crazy creative ideas.

Here’s to making America great again,

Scott Isbell

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